Laser treatment: an innovative procedure

Laser treatment (also: laser surgery) is a very sophisticated procedure of modern medicine. We at the Wallenstein Klinik above all use laser treatment for varicose veins, bowel diseases, skin diseases and pilonidal sinuses. Read more

Venous disorders - above all a “sitting disease”

Many people tend to sit more and more during the day instead of getting as much exercise as possible. Thus, more and more people suffer from venous disorders. Venous disorders are defined by a limited function of venous valves and venous walls. Read more

Haemorrhoids - a common disease

Haemorrhoids are among the most common rectum diseases. Colloquially, haemorrhoids are node-like enlargements of the rectum vessels. These vessels actually serve the regulation of the bowel function. When pathologically enlarged, they are similar to varicose veins. Read more

What is a pilonidal sinus?

Pilonidal sinuses are chronic inflammations of the natal cleft. The exact cause of the development of this disease is not yet known. This might be caused by ingrowing hair or a congenital malformation in the region of the coccyx. Read more

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