Laser as gentle alternative

The skin mirrors one’s personality. Skin diseases are thus not taken kindly - and are a nuisance from the aesthetic point of view. The gentle laser method is specifically suited to treat skin diseases. Unlike conventional methods, laser treatment usually does not leave any residues or scars. In many cases - such as e.g. nail fungus - we are able to fully eliminate the cause of the skin disease with laser treatment. Laser treatment usually also gently removes proliferations or warts without any scar formation. And other skin diseases, such as couperose, can be well-contained with the laser method.

Benefits of the laser method

The laser treatment of skin diseases uses heat which is created by the bundled light ray. The affected site can be targeted precisely and accurately. Thus, the causes responsible for the relevant skin disease can be fought. The laser does this more thorough than any lotions, varnishes or tinctures. We also avoid any injuries of healthy skin - unlike conventional treatment methods for skin diseases. Healing is thus accelerated, and unlike after deep incisions, scar formation does hardly occur.

Skin diseases treated with laser

  • Nail fungus
  • Warts
  • Skin proliferations
  • Redness
  • Couperose

We are also able to treat other skin diseases or unaesthetic skin alterations with the laser - please contact us.

Effect of the laser treatment

We utilise the various benefits of the laser method to treat skin diseases. In case of nail fungus, we, for example, reach even the deepest affected layers with the laser. The fungal spores are completely eliminated - this is often not achieved by conventional treatment with chemical substances, varnishes or tablets. In case of skin diseases such as proliferations or warts, the laser may “dehydrate” the supplying bloods vessels very well. This prevents further blood supply to the wart. It dies off without leaving any residues, it cannot grow again. We combat couperose (skin reddenings in the face and other body regions) in a similar way. Couperose is caused by unnaturally enlarged blood vessels. The heat energy of the laser lets them constrict and “immobilizes” them. The reddenings are reduced visibly, the immobilized vessels are degraded by the body itself after a short time.

Almost painless and gentle

In most cases, the laser treatment of skin diseases is largely painless - you will only feel a minor tingling. If required, the treatment may be performed under mild regional anaesthesia. Scars typically do not remain. We also can eliminate small haemangiomas or spots during the same treatment. The major benefit of laser treatment thus also presents itself not only in skin diseases. The laser method is also suitable for minor cosmetic improvements because it maintains the appearance of your skin in a gentle way. This is of importance for you, because: Perfect skin is a special sign of beauty at any age.

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