The innovative laser method

The Wallenstein Klinik specialises in treating various diseases with the laser method. The hospital is located in Nuremberg. Since 2008, the Wallenstein Klinik is jointly managed by Cengiz Ünver and Dr. Felix Koc.
The laser treatment at the Wallenstein Klinik is particularly gentle. The benefits of the laser treatment are: It leaves almost no scars, the healing process is accelerated and fewer complications occur than compared to conventional treatment methods. For example, we treat venous diseases such as thromboses and varicose veins, skin diseases, pilonidal sinus and rectum diseases with the laser method.

Benefits of the Wallenstein Klinik

  • Innovative, gentle laser method
  • Highly experienced hospital staff
  • Excellently equipped premises
  • Very pleasant stay
  • Outpatient treatment possible

The facilities

The Wallenstein Klinik has several operation theatres and treatment rooms equipped with modern facilities. The laser units used by us are state-of-the-art units. The units are sophisticated developments from the USA. All our patients can choose between single and double rooms with high-quality facilities. The rooms have flat-screen TV, Internet access, telephone and a bathroom.

The stay at the hospital

We take care that you will have a very pleasant stay at the Wallenstein Klinik. Be it during the treatment or post-management: We have a lean management and short waiting times. A room service will be available for all your wishes. Our patient will be catered for with fresh and gently cooked meals. Because diet also plays an important role for your recovery. Our efforts to offer varied meals received a special reward: The Wallenstein Klinik scored first place among all Nuremberg hospitals in a catering ranking.

The patients

The good reputation of our innovative laser methods attracts patients from all over the world. People from the USA and other countries travel a long way for their treatment. They all want to benefit from the advantages of our gentle laser method. They are all welcomed. After a thorough pre-examination, we discuss with you all measures required for your recovery. The treatment at the Wallenstein Klinik may be performed in the outpatient or inpatient clinic - depending on the extent.


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