Laser treatment: an innovative procedure

Laser treatment (also: laser surgery) is a very sophisticated procedure of modern medicine. We at the Wallenstein Klinik above all use laser treatment for varicose veins, bowel diseases, skin diseases and pilonidal sinuses.

As compared to conventional treatment methods, modern laser treatment offers various benefits: Focuses of diseases are thoroughly removed without any wounds, affected vessels are simply shut down. Laser treatment is a gentle procedure which is largely painless for the patient. Furthermore, the healing process is considerably accelerated.

What happens during a laser treatment?

Laser is amplified, bundled light. Depending on the type of complaint, the laser beam is guided to the affected site by different ways. In case of skin diseases, the laser unit can be used directly. If internal organs such as bowel, vessels such as varicose veins or the coccyx are affected, we use laser treatment with a trick: A small puncture is made at the skin surface and a glass fibre which serves as optical fibre is inserted. Through this flexible tube, we target treatment sites deep in the body. The laser beam can be adjusted very subtly, it heals through heat at the affected sites. It gently removes the affected structures or incapacitates pathologically enlarged vessels by “fusion”.

Benefits for the patients

  • No incision, no open wounds
  • Gentle and almost painless
  • Precisely accurate targeting of the affected sites
  • Accelerated healing
  • Often possible in the outpatient clinic

Sophisticated technology

At the Wallenstein Klinik, we further developed the method of laser treatment especially for various treatment purposes. We use, for example, a very gentle surgical procedure to treat pilonidal sinuses which to our knowledge is unique world-wide. We thoroughly adjust the laser technology, which is used for the relevant treatment, to the intervention. We only use the most sophisticated units from the USA. We have extensive experience in laser treatment: We already treated several thousands of patients with this method.

Accelerated healing

One of the major benefits of laser treatments is: the accelerated healing. Usually no open wounds occur which have to heal. Thus, hardly any complications result, significantly fewer corrective interventions are required as compared to conventional treatment methods. Laser treatments also often do not require any long bed rest. Your are mobile again usually a short time after the intervention- the duration of the follow-up treatment is significantly reduced.

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